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Data & Technology

Data & Technology

From our inception in 2002, Chinook has used a data-driven approach to optimize facility and infrastructure performance. Three aspects drive Chinook’s Facility Engineering Technology and data-driven approach: Interoperability, Data Analytics, and a Full Lifecycle Perspective.


Data integrity and reliability is essential to achieving optimal facility and infrastructure performance. An enterprise approach brings together disparate software platforms to promote timely and well-informed decision making.

Chinook helps organizations normalize their facility data – while connecting BIM models, computerized maintenance management systems, real property applications, building automation systems, and control systems with monitoring and detection capabilities.

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Facility Data Analytics

To derive meaning – and action – from facility data, Chinook uses a number of computational and enhanced visualization methods.

Metering, monitoring, detailed engineering analytics, and dynamic process simulation provide a better understanding of operations, load profiles, and costs. In turn, this data becomes a benchmark for improvements from conservation measures to planned equipment upgrades.

Chinook facility data analysts approach problem solving as engineers. Whether we are crunching trend data, developing simulation models, running Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) Analysis or Fault Detection Analytics…an elegant solution is in mind.

Extending the Data Lifecycle

Chinook is a champion of harnessing facility data from each phase of the facility lifecycle. We know what it takes to gather, compile, capture, and maintain facility data and documentation properly.

Once pulled together, Chinook integrates facility data and serves it up on a platform where it can be meaningful to all stakeholders such that:

  • Owner and tenant requirements, specifications, and drawings from Design and Construction phases support downstream Operations & Maintenance.
  • Facility Documentation from Construction Closeout can ensure workplace deterioration does not occur as a byproduct of retrofits.
  • Commissioning data supports fixed asset management systems, capital planning, and re-commissioning. Test scripts combine with start-up and shut-down procedures to help incident recovery.

Chinook’s primary tool of choice for management of facility data?   Quicx™ – No surprise since we developed the tool.