Wanda Lenkewich and Matthew Steeves Speak with the Building Commissioning Association – “Targeted Disruption: Facility Resilience and Cybersecurity”

Chinook System’s President, Wanda Lenkewich, and Program Manager for Security & Resiliency, Matthew Steeves, recently spoke with the Building Commissioning Association about the importance of cybersecurity for facility-related controls systems, and how Chinook’s CyberCx program protects Operational Technology from outside threats and enhances the security and resiliency of critical building systems.

View the full conversation here: “Targeted Disruption: Facility Resilience and Cybersecurity,” Building Commissioning Association, April 29, 2021.

About Chinook:

About Chinook: Chinook is a leader in delivering operational strategies and technical solutions for critical infrastructure. Our interdisciplinary subject matter experts leverage integrated technology to continuously advance cybersecurity, compliance, and energy programs to optimize and extend the life of facilities. Chinook’s clients save millions of dollars in utility costs, reduce harmful emissions to the environment and manage risks associated with cyber threats. To learn more, visit: www.chinooksystems.com

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