Cybersecurity & Controls Systems

Are your building’s controls systems at risk? Do you know how you'll procure, install, program, secure, and operate them?

Today’s facilities rely on a complex, interconnected web of assets to control critical systems, from HVAC, lighting, and access control to life safety, telecom, and information transport. Even as new cyber vulnerabilities and threats emerge daily, building owners typically don’t prioritize cyber-securing these systems until it’s too late.

Recognizing the significant risks this poses to our nation’s critical infrastructure, Chinook pioneered the integration of cybersecurity into the commissioning and monitoring process for control systems—our CyberCx™ program.

No matter the age of your facility, or where you are in design, construction, or operations, we’ll ensure your systems can withstand attacks from bad actors and recover quickly should a breach occur, in accordance with DoD and NIST Standards.



You’ve never considered cybersecurity for OT? You’re not alone. Chinook helps facility owners navigate rapidly changing regulations and best practices to develop comprehensive cybersecurity programs. We assess system risks, identify vulnerabilities, and develop cyber solutions that bring systems into compliance.

We also ensure control systems are designed, procured, installed, and commissioned in accordance with and standards, as well as individual owner, site, and mission-specific requirements. We develop specifications and bases of design, review system architectures, select and manage security controls, develop and implement policies and procedures, develop detailed riser and dataflow diagrams and inventory reports, and identify and requirements.

During construction, we implement security controls, perform system scanning and penetration testing, and develop all required deliverables. Once your systems are up and running, we can also perform continuous monitoring to identify and mitigate threats in real-time. And we leverage to monitor OT asset inventories, document vulnerabilities, and recommend improvements.

Services We Provide:

  • OT/FRCS Cybersecurity
  • Portfolio-Based Risk Assessments
  • Risk Management Framework
  • Design Phase Services
  • UFGS 25 05 11 & UFGS 25 08 11 Cybersecurity Subject Matter Expertise
  • Continuous Monitoring & Change Control Board (CCB) Support
  • Multi-Discipline Mission Assurance & Resiliency Assessments
  • Physical & Logical Inventory

Meet the Cybersecurity Team!

Cybersecurity Capabilities Sheet

Controls & Automation

Whether extending the life of existing building automation systems, integrating multiple systems, or installing new ones, Chinook provides the engineering, product selection, network design, and configuration expertise needed for open, reliable, and secure end-to-end systems. No matter a building’s age or existing controls, including , and , we implement the latest advances in  automation to improve utility, analytics, efficiency, redundancy, and safety. Need training? We’re happy to help your operators fill any knowledge and skill gaps.

Chinook takes an independent approach to controls , meaning we provide whichever system is best suited for a specific building or owner. Doing so allows us to work with multiple vendors and is particularly helpful in environments where multiple controls systems are installed, either in a single building or campus environment. We maintain strong partnerships with industry-leading technology developers to ensure facility owners have access to proven, reliable, and efficient OT software and hardware, as well as cutting edge solutions.

Services We Provide:

  • Controls Upgrades
  • Energy Conservation Measures
  • Redundancy Projects
  • Utility Metering
  • Project & Subcontractor Management
  • Master Planning, Capital Planning & Cost Estimating

Meet the Controls & Automation Team!

Controls & Automation Capabilities Sheet


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